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[Hope's voice is clear and clipped.]

If you would like to leave a message, you may do so here. I can't promise to respond. I have many demands on my time, and this sort of thing is far down the list. Still, if you would like to, you may.
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[Rey is very loathe to do this. Not only does she hate asking for favors, but approaching one of their supposedly "kidnappers" for one doesn't sit right with her. But Nick's physical state when she had poked around at his inner workings was worrisome, and that of course takes precedence over her own comfort. Doesn't mean her teeth don't grit as she starts texting up this message.]

would it be possible to manufacture any spare synthetic parts?
need some tools as well.
the screwdrivers you gave were useful by the way. just need more than those.
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can give you some schematics on what's needed at the moment.

yes, it's necessary. not all of us are human and need different sorts of upkeep in order to survive. that includes salvaging certain mechanical parts to replace old ones. if not, their body could be rendered nonfunctional after a period of time.

doing this for a friend.
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figured that would be the case. will send you some files that should help.

[Shooting a series of attachments labeled picturesofmylunch1.png and so forth Hope's way.

[...Look, she's just trying to be discreet, okay? The images will consist of everything one needs to know, from what the parts look like, what materials they're made of, all that rot.]

what do you need in return?
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circumitus: If you can't drink cheep beer and whiskey with me, I don't want you. (fuck it)

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[Now you're catching on, Hope.]

never been one to inspire hope into people, so... three very dead ahools it is.
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[It would have been sooner, if trying to find three specific monsters in a cave infested full of them wasn't so difficult. It also would have been much later, if she hadn't enlisted the assistance of one conveniently combat effective ice alien.]
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will keep an eye out for them.
thank you.

[She'll just be exercising as much discretion as possible here. Don't want her friend to realize that she's made an arrangement with one of the gods on his behalf, wups.]